While tornados are a threat to all Oklahomans, the city of Edmond has come up with a unique plan, called “30 Days of Preparedness”. This comprehensive plan details steps to prepare your family for a tornado event, all within 30 days. Most steps are very simple to follow and require little to no monetary investment.

  1. Identify the best escape routes from your home in case of a fire.
  2. Pick two places to meet after a disaster or emergency; one close to your home and one some distance away… like a good friend’s or a relative’s.
  3. Choose an emergency contact person outside your area that you can check in with. They can be your rendezvous connection.
  4. Complete an emergency contact card with phone numbers and make copies for each member of your family.
  5. Find out in advance how best to care for your pets and working animals when disaster strikes.
  6. Prepare an emergency supply kit for yourself, a small personal one.
  7. Prepare a pet emergency supply kit.
  8. Prepare an emergency supply kit for your family to keep at the house.
  9. Prepare an emergency supply kit for your car(s).
  10. Develop a family emergency plan. See number 26 below.
  11. Mark your calendar now – every six months – review your plan, update numbers and check supplies to be sure nothing has expired, spoiled, or changed.
  12. Check your child’s school Web site or call the school office to request a copy of the school’s emergency plan. Know how you can help them and not hinder them.
  13. Teach your children how and when to call 9-1-1.
  14. Practice. Conduct fire drills and practice evacuating your home.
  15. Talk to your neighbors about how you can work together during an emergency.
  16. Check on the emergency preparedness plan for your workplace.
  17. Consider those close to you that have a disability or a special need; make sure they are planned for.
  18. Besides your emergency kits, check your pantry. You should keep enough “necessary” supplies in your home to carry you through three days.
  19. Have a family meeting and make a list of foods that: Have a long shelf-life, you and your family like, do not require cooking, can be easily stored and are healthy.
  20. Take a minute to check your family’s first aid kit.
  21. Make sure you can provide a three-day supply of water per person. Learn how to make “questionable” water safe if necessary. Filter, then boil or chlorinate.
  22. Consider long-term sanitation needs in your emergency supply kit.
  23. Store, yet keep handy, one complete change of clothing and footwear for each member of your family.
  24. Create a smaller version of your emergency supply kit for your work place.
  25. Review emergency action steps with all family members.
  • Check the scene and the victim
  • Call 9-1-1 and stay on the line
  • Care for the victims
  1. Get smarter. Read the information on your city, county and/or state government web sites as well as www.ready.gov.
  2. You may be required to turn off your utilities. Make sure you know how and have the tools to do so.
  3. Know the details of and actions for “shelter-in-place” and evacuate; have a plan.
  4. Take the time now to assess and discuss with your family your preparedness and recovery situations. Make sure the important questions are answered.
  5. Learn even more about threats like wildfires, pandemics and earthquakes.

Education and staying alert are the keys to being prepared in case a tornado disaster strikes. Follow these simple steps to help keep your family safe during Oklahoma’s tumultuous tornado seasons.

For more information on “30 Days to Preparedness” follow this link: http://edmondok.com/495/Outdoor-Warning-Devices