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OKC Storm and Tornado shelter experts.

Storm Shelters | OKC Shelters

OKC Shelters builds a complete line of storm shelters. From underground garage shelters and concrete safe rooms to above ground steel safe rooms, we offer products and services that are taking storm safety and protection into the future. Our below ground shelters are available in four sizes with a sloped front or flat top to fit a variety of spaces. All of our concrete shelters can be stamped and stained with gray block or brown flagstone to match design aesthetics that may be important to individual property owners. We can help you be ready the next time a tornado strikes in your area?

OKC Garage Storm Shelters

Staying underground during a tornado is the best place to ensure your safety. This is one of the reasons that in-ground, storm shelters are the #1 choice for families in Oklahoma. They are installed in your garage, so there is no fighting rain and wind to get to your shelter.


Edmond Outside concrete Storm shelters

Outdoor, in-ground storm shelters are a less expensive option for homeowners, while still offering protection against deadly F5 tornadoes. Ideal for those who prefer their shelter to be separate from their home, outdoor shelters offer flexible placement options and only take 3–4 hours to install.


Moore steel safe Rooms

Steel safe rooms are a great option for people who need above ground storm protection. Basically a small steel room, these are great for people who may have difficulty stepping down into a traditional underground storm shelter.


Storm shelter repair

Do you have an old storm shelter that needs maintenance or repairs?  Let our experts take a look at it and we will see how we can help make your family safer this storm season

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OKC Storm and Tornado shelter experts.
OKC Storm and Tornado shelter experts.
OKC Storm and Tornado shelter experts.