Worried About Getting Trapped in Your Storm Shelter?

A general fear among homeowners is getting trapped in their underground storm shelter by heavy debris. Because of this fear, many people will not get into a storm shelter during a tornado emergency. Flying debris is a major cause of injury and death during a tornado, without a storm shelter, you are at severe risk of injury or death. And yes, heavy debris canland on your under-ground storm shelter while you are inside. The question is, how do you avoid getting trapped?

  1. Hydraulic jacks– Extremely important for storm shelter owners, hydraulic jacks can free you from heavy debris. They are portable, inexpensive and capable of lifting several tons. Hydraulic jacks not only lift extremely heavy objects, but can also prop up your shelter door to enable you to safely exit. Hydraulic jacks are easy to operate and need to be stored inside of your shelter in case of a tornado emergency.
  2. Cars– Believe it or not, your own car can help protect your in-ground shelter from debris. In-ground, garage storm shelters are designed for you to park your car on top of the shelter and still have room to enter during an emergency. During a severe storm, as debris flies or falls, your car can act as a shield for your shelter. This should allow you unhindered freedom to exit your shelter.
  3. Shelter registration– The state of Oklahoma has a storm shelter registry for homeowners. Once your shelter is installed, immediately file your shelter with your city or county. This enables first responders to find your shelter and ensure that you are okay. Rescue units are outfitted with handheld computers to assist in the storm shelter search. If you are renting your home, you can call your county emergency assistance office to make sure your home’s shelter is registered.

There is no possible way, the human body alone, can withstand a tornado. Storm shelters save lives. Don’t let fear keep you from being safe during a tornado. In fact, the odds of being trapped inside of your storm shelter are extremely low, even lower if you follow proper safety preparation. Stay safe during tornado season, install a storm shelter today.