There is something about the richness of healthy, green trees that calms us and helps us to appreciate the wonder of mother nature. If you are lucky enough to live on a greenbelt, on in a wooded neighborhood, then the health of trees is even more important. Believe it or not, weak branches can become flying missiles. So, to not only keep your landscape beautiful, but ensure your families outdoor safety, trees need to be regularly trimmed. Here are five important reasons why you need to keep the pruning shears handy:

  • First and foremost is safety – Dead branches can easily break during storms, high winds and even ice. Unfortunately, falling branches can cause serious injury and even death. Weak branches are also capable of becoming flying missiles during severe storms, so the need to keep your dead branches pruned or removed is essential.
  • Protect your home – Not only can dead branches cause injury to humans, but they damage your home as well. Branches hanging over your roof can break and harm shingles, roof structure and guttering. Overgrown branches also tangle with powerlines, which can be its own danger during a storm.
  • Prevent the spread of disease – Web worms, and other issues can cause your trees to become diseased, and fragile. A good tree pruning will help keep disease contained and unable to spread to other foliage.
  • Improve your view – Over time, trees can become one big canopy and while their shade is welcome, the canopy can also block your view. If you have a lake or golf course view you wish to protect, then keeping your trees trimmed can prevent too much overgrowth.
  • Encourage a healthy tree – The overall health of your tree is protected when the branches have been properly pruned. New branch growth, fruit production and stronger roots can all result from keeping those branches trimmed.

Maintaining the health of your trees doesn’t have to be time consuming, but the effort certainly pays off. Not only do trees add oxygen to the atmosphere but they provide privacy and a peaceful beauty to your environment.

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