Tornadoes blow through town wreaking havoc and widespread destruction. Power outages follow closely in their wake. Some towns have gone days without power due to tornado damage. So how do you survive a power outage with minimal disruption to your life? By following these 7 SAFETY TIPS.

  1. The number # 1 rule is not to touch downed powerlines. If they have fallen on or around your home, stay put and call 911. If live lines have ignited a fire on your home, exit the home immediately and step carefully over the lines.
  2. Always keep some cash on hand during severe weather season. If the power goes out, banks and other essential providers will most likely lose power, too.
  3. Fill up on gas before the storm hits. If your community goes dark, there goes your cars fuel supply.
  4. Keep a healthy supply of flashlights and batteries in your home and car. Make sure they are accessible to all members of your family.
  5. Have extra blankets and warm clothing readily available. On the rare occasion that tornadoes occur during winter, a power outage can make for a chilly night.
  6. Always have an extra supply of bottled water and non-perishable food items, including baby supplies and pet food. If power outages affect your community long term, groceries will be in short supply.
  7. If possible, have a small generator as back up. Generators can supply your home with electricity for several days while power lines are repaired.

Tornadoes can easily snap power lines and poles, forcing homeowners to do without electricity for days on end. The better prepared you are for unexpected outages, the easier you will have it while you wait for the power to spring back to life.