For those of us in tornado alley, twisters are an unfortunate yearly occurrence. Tornado destruction is a real possibility, and homeowners policy depend on their insurance companies to protect their home in the event of a natural disaster. However, tornado damage isn’t completely covered in a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. Understanding what is covered and what isn’t is crucial to rebounding from significant tornado damage.

Per insurance standards, a tornado is classified as a windstorm, and policies do cover most of the wind damage your home may sustain, including damage from hail or flying debris. Coverage also includes additional structures on your property such as garages, pergolas, and decks. Some even cover the loss of your personal belongings and the ‘loss of use’ of your home. But there are limitations to your coverage.

Water damage resulting from tornadoes does not typically fall under the coverage umbrella. Double check your policy, because you may need to purchase additional coverage for this. Also, remember that not only do you have a deductible to meet, but you may have a cap on the amount that your insurance company will pay out to you in case of complete home loss.

Periodically review your homeowner’s insurance policy to clarify any changes and understand exactly what is covered. If you have questions or are unsure of certain sections, speak with your insurance representative. The only way to truly safeguard your investment is to understand how your policy will protect you in the event of an emergency.